New York CLE Research Programming Service

The CLE programs organized by the PAC team are excellent on all fronts. They use a dual presenter format, with an attorney accompanied by a research librarian who is specifically selected to highlight the most important resources for the attorney's chosen topic, and the combination adds a depth of learning not found in other CLE courses. The planning process before the meeting is well organized. Plus, our programs have been hosted in the historic New York Law Institute, which adds an enchanting air to the content. Our group has enjoyed numerous of these CLE programs and we look forward to many more!   -- Zara Watkins, Deliberate Solos

The Law Library Association of Greater New York (LLAGNY), a chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries, is a New York non-profit organization that was established in 1938. Its members are dedicated law librarians from law firms, academia, federal and local courts and independent librarian environments.

LLAGNY became an official approved provider of New York CLE programs in 2013. The Professional Advancement Committee (PAC) has developed NY CLE programming for several years. Most recently the committee has revised its focus to work with existing small and medium-sized law firms, attorney networking groups and solo practitioners to create customized in-house live research programming.

 This service includes the following features:

  • We will customize research programming that fills the educational needs of your attorneys on topics such as intellectual property, corporate, securities, tax, New York free online resources, ethical aspects of various topics, etc.
  • The PAC will supply a speaker with a JD, which is required by the NY CLE Rules.
  • The customized research program can receive NY CLE Skill(s), Diversity, Inclusion & Elimination of Bias, Ethics and Professionalism, Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Protection-Ethics & General or Professional Practice credit. NY allows one CLE credit for every 50 minutes.
  • LLAGNY will be the administrator and award the NY CLE credit to the attendees as the approved provider. We can work with any department so that the advertisement we create for the session is distributed. We will also create all paperwork required by the NY CLE Board

The service will also include the following features with organizations that have Librarians on staff:

  • In-house librarians will be invited to co-teach. If this invitation is accepted, we will work with that individual(s) to provide a successful program. Participation by the librarian(s) will help increase the library staff's visibility in the firm and will help solidify the library's reputation and its information expertise.
  • The PAC will work with your in-house library staff to customize research programs for their attorneys. This will not only educate your attorneys on how to conduct research on the selected topic but will also make your attorneys aware of the resources (both print and electronic) that are in the library’s collection.

Cost for this service: Free

A Sampling of CLE program topics offered by the Professional Advancement Committee:

  • Administrative Law Research
  • Bankruptcy
  • Corporate and Securities
  • Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Privacy Laws
  • DEI: Diversity, Inclusion & Elimination
  • Federal and New York State Legislative History
  • Intellectual Property
  • Legal Ethics
  • New York State Legal Research
  • New York City Legal Research, Legislative History, and Resources
  • Research for New York Civil Litigation
  • Social Media
  • Tax

Examples of NY CLE programs developed by the Professional Advancement Committee:

  • Accessing & Using New York Legislative History (1 Skills Credit)
  • Cost-Effective Legal Research in New York (1 Skills Credit)
  • Current Developments in Blockchain Technology (1 Skills Credit)
  • Employment Discrimination: What are the Ethical Implications of Representing an Employer or Employee? (1 Ethics Credit)
  • Fundamentals of Cross-Border Taxation: Old and New Rules (1 Skills Credit)
  • IP Potpourri: An Intro to IP and Research Resources (1 Skills Credit)
  • New York Internet Legal Research (1 Law Practice Management Credit)
  • Lawyering in the Time of COVID: The Ethics of Multi-Jurisdictional Practice (1 Ethics Credit)
  • Mediation: How to Become an Effective Mediator in the Divorce Setting (1 Practice Credit)
  • Researching Ethical and Legal Issues in Data Privacy & Social Media (1 Ethics Credit)
  • Roadmap to Safeguarding You & Your Clients in New York: Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Privacy Laws (1.5 Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Protection-General Credit)
  • Social Media Evidence: Is it Admissible at Court? (1 Skills Credit)
  • The Ethics of Wellness (1 Ethics Credit)

“The feedback from our attorneys was very positive; it was a great opportunity to present our research talents, introduce new databases, and remind the attorneys of the essential work librarians do.  I highly recommend partnering with LLAGNY.  It is a great way to showcase your talents.”   -- Emily Moog

To receive or obtain additional information, please contact:

Professional Advancement Committee, [email protected]