Diversity and Inclusion Committee
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The LLAGNY Diversity and Inclusion Committee encompasses many diverse cultures, backgrounds and life experiences. It also fosters the belief that diverse backgrounds and ideas are crucial to enhancing LLAGNY’s membership. The Committee also recognizes the need to analyze and address the many ways that social, cultural and economic inequalities may affect power and privilege in the larger society. The Committee hopes to nurture LLAGNY’s attempts to address these inequalities in the industry and among its membership in a sensitive and inclusive fashion.


To foster a spirit of inclusion for our members by creating programs that support, promote, and reflect the diversity of our members while increasing cultural awareness within the profession.


  • To improve the retention, recruitment, professional development and advancement of diverse members.
  • To develop programs responsive to the needs of diverse members.
  • To ensure that the LLAGNY Board considers the needs of diverse members when making decisions that may impact its diverse members.
  • To ensure that the criteria for awarding scholarship/grants and other related benefits of LLAGNY consider the diverse background of an applicant.


  • The Membership Committee will provide a listing of LLAGNY’s diverse members.
  • The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will create a mode of communication with the diverse members to determine their needs via an annual survey.
  • The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will host at least one event annually with the Board’s approval to cater to the needs of the diverse members.


  • AALL
  • SLA/NY
  • ALA
  • ACRL